Shuichi Ukai

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Shuichi Ukai
Local 鵜飼秀一 (うかい しゅういち)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Shuichi Ukai programmed ASCII's SNES sound driver.


Released Title Sample Notes
1993-11-26 Ardy Lightfoot (SNES) (アルディライトフット) Sound Driver
1994-02-18 Derby Stallion II (SFC) (ダービースタリオンⅡ) Sound Driver
1994-08-31 Sanrio Shanghai (SFC) (サンリオ上海) Sound Driver
1994-09-30 Down the World: Mervil's Ambition (SFC) (ダウン・ザ・ワールド) Sound Driver
1995-01-20 Derby Stallion III (SFC) (ダービースタリオンⅢ) Sound Driver
1995-09-29 Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge (SFC) (ウィザードリィⅥ 禁断の魔筆) Sound Driver
1996-03-15 Derby Stallion 96 (SFC) (ダービースタリオン96) Sound Driver
1996-09-20 Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart (SFC) (ウィザードリィⅣ 〜胎魔の鼓動〜) Sound Driver
1997-01-31 Ganpuru: Gunman's Proof (SFC) (ガンプル) Sound Driver
1997-07-17 Derby Stallion (PS1) (ダービースタリオン) Sound Program
1998-08-25 Derby Stallion 98 (SFC) (ダービースタリオン98) Sound Driver