Sakata SAS

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Sakata SAS
Founded April, 1985
Closed 2005?
Headquarters Japan
Other Names
  • SAS Sakata

Sakata SAS (酒田エス・エー・エス株式会社) was a Japanese game developer who mainly ported Data East's games to the NES/Famicom, or other home consoles. The company was a subsidiary of SAS Co., Ltd. The company has been known for releasing some bad NES games including Ring King, Karate Champ, and RoboCop. While the company usually ported Data East's games, they would usually have staff from Data East work on the ports, probably in hopes that they could put out a better game.

Though it is unknown when the company died, their website was taken down during the year of 2005, so that may have also been the time when they closed down.

The company seemed to dislike credits, and many of their early titles lack them, but it is unknown why.


Music Development

Audio Personnel

During their NES development, Sakata SAS outsourced audio.