Sacred (W32)

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Platform: Windows
Year: 2004
Developer: Ascaron Entertainment

This page is for the W32 game, for other platforms and games from this series see Sacred. Sacred is an RPG game for Windows 32 bit (mostly Windows 2000/XP) systems.


The music is great and beautiful. Showing the opportunity of MP3 file format and Windows, it combines drum marches and medieval strings and brass compositions (mostly lute, flute and guitar). There are no albums of the all game music, so in-game music were placed in the alphabet order of the names of the files of the music, from "A" to "Z".


The recording is incomlete. The recording was created simply with conveting mp3 to ogg.








1 Fanfare Anonymous Anonymous 0:03 41 KB
1.1 Fanfare (another variant) Anonymous Anonymous 0:03 44 KB
1.2 Fanfare (longer variant) Anonymous Anonymous 0:08 91 KB
2 Heaven in Hell Dag Winterlich Anonymous
3 Death Anonymous Anonymous 0:17 186 KB
4 Crossing the Border Dag Wintelich Anonymous 7:31 4.86 MB
5 Dryaden Dag Winterlich Anonymous
6 Don't be Afraid Dag Winterlich Anonymous
7 Depths of a Dungeon Dag Winterlich Anonymous
8 Entering Khorad-Nur Anonymous Anonymous 0:16 169 KB
9 Fight of the Nuk Nuks Matthias Steinwachs Anonymous
10 Dead Pirates Land Matthias Steinwachs Anonymous 5:38 3.53 MB
11 Friendly Eye Patches (Pirates still friendly) Matthias Steinwachs Anonymous 3:44 2.4 MB
12 Mascarell Dag Winterlich Anonymous 6:32 4.08 MB
13 De Mordrey's Crusade Dag Winterlich Anonymous 3:33 2.18 MB
14 Welcome Home Dag Wintelich Anonymous ~ ~
15 Wood Anonymous Anonymous ~ ~
15.1 Wood (windy) Anonymous Anonymous ~ ~
16 Dark Forest of Tyr-Fasul Dag Winterlich Anonymous ~ ~


(Sources: )

The game source doesn`t give a information about the composer of the in-game music - only about the sound and music composers ("Музыка и звук" in russian version of the game sourse, translating "Music and sound"). The actual authors of 31 tracks from it, Dag Winterlich and Matthias Steinwachs (with official names of the tracks), founded because the official OST of Sacred, what was placed by Ascaron Entertainment on their official site shortly before their bankruptcy (the site is gone, but the OST files were saved by unknown users). The author of other tracks is unknown, and the former employees of Ascaron should be contacted for it.

Game rip

The rip is incomplete.





~ ~

The music places in mp3s files with 128 kbps in one of the folders in the main folder of the game. So ripping it is only converting it to .zip file. The first rip has the in-game names of the music tracks. The second rip (also in MP3 format) contains the files form the official OST for the game with original names). The OST is not only original files with new names, but these files have some differenses with the actual in-game files.