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Player - SID to WAV.png
Creator Michael Schwendt, Adam Lorentzon
Released 1994
Platform Windows

SID to WAV is a Windows command line program that converts SID files into WAV files. The program supports a large array of arguments for customizing the quality and length of the output, so making batch files is pretty simple.

The supported arguments include:

Argument Description
-h Gives help on usage.
-f<num> Set frequency in Hz (default: 44100).
-16 Use 16-bit quality (default: 8-bit).
-s Use stereo channels (default: mono).
-ss Enable stereo surround.
-u Use au output (8000Hz mono 8-bit u-law).
-o<num> Convert song number (default: preset).
-a Improve PlaySID compatibility (not recommended).
-a2 Transparent ROM memory mode (overrides -a).
-n Enable NTSC-clock speed for VBI tunes (not recommended).
-nf No SID filter emulation.
-ns MOS 8580 waveforms (default: MOS 6581).
-m<num> Mute voices out of 1,2,3,4 (default: none). Example: -m13 (voices 1 and 3 off).
-t<num> Set seconds to play (default: 60).
-b<num> Skip first <num> seconds into the song (default: 0).
-fin<num> Fade-in time in seconds (default: 0).
-fout<num> Fade-out time in seconds (default: 2).


Version Download Platform
1.8 Download - (info) Windows