Round Clear - Master of Darkness

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Round Clear
Composer Takashi Horiguchi, Yoko Wada
Released 1992-10-??
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No
This page is for the Master of Darkness song, for more titles see Boss.

Round Clear is the jingle that plays after you've defeated the boss of a round in Master of Darkness.


Vampire: Master of Darkness (GG)

Platform - GG.png
Vampire: Master of Darkness (GG)
Arranger Takashi Horiguchi, Yoko Wada
Released 1992-10-??
Format SGC

The song is track 7 in the SGC file and rendered on the Game Gear's SN76489 chip.

Master of Darkness (SMS)

Platform - SMS.png
Master of Darkness (SMS)
Output - TI.svg
Master of Darkness - SMS - Round Clear.png
Arranger Takashi Horiguchi, Yoko Wada
Released 1992-10-??
Length 0:05
Format VGM

Since the Master System / Mark III use the same audio chip as the Game Gear (SN76489), the music sounds identical on each.

Other Ports

The Nintendo Wii port is just an emulated version of the game, so it sounds identical.