Rinne - Sansara Naga (FC)

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Composer Kenji Kawai
Released 1990-03-23
Title Origin Official
This page is for the Sansara Naga song, for more titles see Rinne.

Rinne plays when the egg the player found under their deceased dragon's body hatches.


The song title comes from the Samsara Naga 1&2 Soundtracks album and is originally written in Japanese. The Japanese text 輪廻 means Reincarnation, or any related words. The title fits the game, as the hatchling introduces itself by the same name of the player's deceased dragon.


The song is in the key of C in the 4/4 time signature at a tempo of approximately 100 BPM.


Sansara Naga (FC)

Platform - FC.png
Sansara Naga (FC)
Output - NES.svg
Sansara Naga - FC - Rinne.png
Arranger Osamu Kasai, Masaaki Harada, Shinji Nakayama
Programmer Unknown
Released 1990-03-23
Length 1:36
BPM 100
Format NSF
Loops Yes

The song was most likely arranged by Osamu Kasai, Masaaki Harada, and/or Shinji Nakayama, as ACC, the developer, is credited for programming in the game's manual, while Kawai is credited for music, and the three have credits in other ACC titles.

The composers wrote the music, most likely in 6502 assembly language in the second version of Advance Communication Company's Sound Routine sound driver. Because the game uses the second version of the sound driver, it is tuned approximately a ¼ step sharp.

Sansara Naga 1x2 (GBA)

Platform - GBA.png
Sansara Naga 1x2 (GBA)
Output - GBA.svg
Arranger Tsukasa Tawada
Programmer Unknown
Released 2001-12-14
Format GSF
Loops Yes

The song was arranged by Tsukasa Tawada.