Rebecca Heineman

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Rebecca Ann Heineman
Rebecca Heineman - 1.jpg
Born October 30, 1963 (Age 54)
Birth Place Whittier, California, USA
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases Bill Heineman, William Heineman, Burger

Rebecca Heineman is an American video game designer and programmer. She was born as a male named William Heineman, but later underwent gender reassignment and now identifies as a female. She was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. In 1980, she was a National Space Invaders Champion, which increased her interest in video games even more. Some of Heineman's best known works include The Bard's Tale III and Out of this World (SNES), and has single-handedly programmed many games. In 1983, Rebecca co-founded Interplay Productions. In 1995, she also co-founded Logicware. In 1999, Rebecca founded her own video game development studio Contraband Entertainment, which was sold to Olde Sküül in 2013. In total, Heineman has programmed over 200 video game titles.

Heineman is currently married to artist and designer Jennell Jaquays (formally Paul Jaquays) and they both live in Seattle, Washington. They both still contribute to the video game business to this day, working at Olde Sküül.

While Heineman has not actually composed video game music, Rebecca has programmed sound drivers for various consoles.


Released Title Sample
1991-??-?? Track Meet (GB) (トラックミート めざせ!バルセロナ) Audio Programming
1991-11-?? RPM: Radical Psycho Machine Racing (SNES) (R。P。M。レーシング) Sound Driver
1993-04-?? The Lost Vikings (SNES) (バイキングの大迷惑) Sound Driver
1993-09-?? Rock 'N Roll Racing (SNES) (ロックンロールレーシング) Sound Driver
1996-04-26 Doom (3DO) Programming/Sound Driver