Realtime Associates

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Realtime Associates
Founded 1986
Headquarters El Segundo, California
Other Names
  • Realtime Associates, Seattle Division
  • INTV Corporation

Realtime Associates is an American game developed founded by David Warhol. In April 1994, a division in Seattle was created by Steve Ettinger (under the request of Warhol), which had been sold to Know Wonder, which eventually became F9E, which was then changed to Griptonite. Now, the studio is Glu Mobile.

The company started out developing for the Intellivision, and subsequently started developing NES, Game Boy, SNES, and other various consoles.

When Interplay Productions developed NES games, they outsourced most of their games' sound to Realtime. Ironwind Software also outsourced their sound to Realtime Associates. LucasArts also outsourced their sound to Relatime Associates.


Music Development


The composers would write MIDI files which were converted to David Warhol's sound driver. David's sound engine was very picky where if a note overlapped another on a channel in the MIDI file, the converter would hang said note and play it forever. David Warhol also designed a custom chip which could connect the GameBoy sound chip to a MIDI keyboard.


The company used GEMS, except for Barney's Hide and Seek, which uses a custom sound engine, possibly by David Warhol.


David Warhol created the sound drivers and wrote a MIDI conversion tool.


MIDI files were created by the composers (mostly in Cakewalk), and then were given to David Warhol to arrange for the NES' four sound channels (excluding the DPCM channel which was never used by the company). Then Warhol would use a tool he wrote that would convert MIDI files to his sound driver.


David Warhol created the SNES sound engine at Realtime Associates. MIDI files were converted to his sound driver. The instruments were taken from various SNES games and they were provided by Sony.

For Big Sky Trooper (SNES), FIFA 98: Road to World Cup (SNES) and AAAHH!!! Real Monsters (SNES), the company used the SLICK/Audio sound engine from Bitmasters, because Warhol taught him how to update the SNES driver.

Audio Personnel

The following composers worked at Realtime Associates: