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Rusty's POKEY Music
Creator Rusty Dawe
Released 19??
Platform Unknown

RPM (Rusty's POKEY Music) was the name of the program that the composers at Atari Games used for their arcade and console music. The music had to be written in a special Music Macro Language called Music-V Language. When Atari started developing unlicensed Nintendo NES games under the name Tengen, they converted the whole music engine to make music for the NES. Later, when Atari began using the YM2151 chip for music in their arcade games, Dennis Harper took the existing code and created RPM-2 which added support for the YM2151 chip so the sound quality would improve.

Unfortunately, there is no known staff member at Atari who held onto the source code or a binary executable of the music engine, so it is not yet available for download. Brad Fuller said that he has a source, but he passed away, and the current location of Hal Canon or Rusty Dawe is unknown, so the source code has yet to be released.