Psycho Soldier

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Psycho Soldier
Composer Kaori Shimizu
Arranger Unknown
Released 1986-??-??
Format UNK.png
Game Psycho Soldier (ARC)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Psycho Soldier is a background music track for the game. The song is a bit of an oddity because it contains lyrics that are sung during game play, making it one of the first games to do so. The song was composed and sung by Kaori Shimizu.

The song plays at the beginning of the first and third stages, and once more during the ending.

A longer arranged version of this song appears on Psycho Soldier Music Cassette where it is sung in Japanese.

Psycho Soldier - ARC - Stage 1.png


Athena's name is magic
Mystery, is what you see

Her crystal is the answer
Fighting fair
To keep us free

She's just a little girl with power inside
Burning bright
You better hide if you are bad
She'll get you

She'll read your mind and find if
You believe in right or wrong

Fire! Fire! Pyscho Soldier!
Fire! Fire! Pyscho Soldier!