Pool of Radiance (PC98)

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Pool of Radiance
Pool of Radiance - PC98.jpg
Platform: PC98
Year: 1989
Developer: Marionette

Pool of Radiance is an RPG game based on the Forgotten Realms and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons franchises. In this game, your party is tasked with investigating the identity behind all the evil forces, as well as reclaiming the areas infested with monsters. The City Council will give the party commissions as to where to go dispatch the evil forces. Every time the party does so, the council clerk will reward them generously. Defeating enemies and searching the areas will reveal treasure. The money in the game is primarily spent both on upgrading your party members, as well as their inventory. You can also customize a character portrait for your party members, as well as battle icons. The game also features both a first-person view and an overhead map view, though the latter is disabled in some places. There are also several ways to complete each mission, adding to the game's replayability.

Like the NES version, the PC-9801 version was developed by Marionette, but this time it is a more direct conversion of the DOS version. Some of the character portraits are different, as well as the battle icons, but other than that, manages to be a faithful port. It also has in-game music.


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Pool of Radiance - PC98 - Main Menu.png

The game's menu.

Pool of Radiance - PC98 - Gameplay 1.png

Buying equipment from the weapons shop.

Pool of Radiance - PC98 - Gameplay 2.png

Wandering the Slums.


The game borrows its soundtrack from the NES version. Even though the PC-9801 version was released before the NES version, there is evidence to suggest it was developed after the NES version. One example is that not all the music from the NES version made it into this version, as well as a few wrong notes here and there. Because the game uses the YM2203 sound chip, it plays in a bit better fidelity than the NES soundtrack. It is most likely Masayuki Kurinaga arranged the soundtrack, as his name appears in the game's ROM image. Though the game has an unused song like the NES version, it is not the same song, and is in fact the NES version's title music. This is because when you load the game, there is no title sequence, and immediately brings you to the main menu.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 New Phlan Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:50
02 Shop Theme Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:13
03 Dungeon Theme 1 Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:35
04 Dungeon Theme 2 Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 2:30
05 Dungeon Theme 3 Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:48
06 Wilderness Theme Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:47
07 Diogenes' Theme Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:55
08 Valhingen Graveyard Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:14
09 Yarash's Pyramid Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:43
10 Stojanow Gate & Valjevo Castle Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:39
11 Tyranthraxus' Lair Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:35
12 Combat Theme Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:30
13 Tyranthraxus Combat Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:22
14 Ending Theme Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 2:00
15 Title Screen (Unused) Seiji TodaMasayuki Kurinaga 1:36


  • Ripper: 2ch-H
  • Recorder: Doommaster1994
  • Box Credits:
    • 音楽 (Music): Seiji Toda credited as 戸田誠司 (Seiji Toda)
  • Manual Credits:
    • 音楽 (Music): Seiji Toda credited as 戸田誠二(フェアチャイルド) (Seiji Toda (Fairchild))
    • Uncredited Arranger: Masayuki Kurinaga

(Sources: Box, Manual)

The game has no in-game credits, but they can be found in the instruction manual, as well as the back of the game's box giving both director and music credits. In the manual, Seiji Toda's name is spelled wrong in kanji.

The game's ROM contains the credits sequence taken from the computer versions. However, it is never used, and since all of the roles are mixed up due to the way the credits are displayed, it is unknown which role belongs to whom. However, there are no audio credits in these unused credits. There is a credit for Masayuki Kurinaga, who also received credit in a couple games by Thinking Rabbit for music, which strongly suggests he was the arranger.

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Game Rip




Audio Devices

The music plays on the YM2203 OPNA chip.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Pool of Radiance - PC98.jpg
Title: プール・オブ・レイディアンス (Pool of Radiance)
Platform: PC98
Released: 1989-12-21
Publisher: Pony Canyon Inc.