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Phillip C. Western IV
Phil Western - 2.jpg
Born Unknown
Birth Place Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Nationality Canadian   Canada.svg
Died ca. February 2019

Phil Western is a Canadian musician. He only composed the music for a few N64 games.

On February 10, 2019 on his official Facebook page, it was announced that Phil had passed away the previous week, possibly from an overdose. His music will always be remembered by his fans.

Music Development


Phil said this about the music for Beetle Adventure Racing:

That music was done using a bass guitar, and an Emu sampler and a JP8000 back in the mid 90s. The loose inspiration for it was big beat stuff as that was what the video game designer asked for at the time. The stuff was done in Logic and then transferred to proprietary software that was provided by Electronic Arts.


Released Title Sample
1997-11-30 FIFA: Road to World Cup (N64) Additional Music
1998-??-?? World Cup 98 (N64)
1999-??-?? Beetle Adventure Racing (N64) (ビートル アドベンチャー レーシング)

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