Pax Softonica

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Pax Softonica
Founded 1983
Headquarters Kanagawa, Japan
Other Names
  • Image Soft

Pax Softonica (パックスソフトニカ Pakkusu Sofutonika) is a Japanese game developer founded by Tomoshige "T." Hashishita that developed primarily computer games. When the NES and GameBoy came out, they started developing games for their consoles and as time went on, the company's relationship with Nintendo grew stronger. They started off with the name Image Soft.


Music Development


For Hello Kitty World and Sanrio Carnival 2, Hirokazu Tanaka wrote in 6502 assembly using his own sound driver.

For Super Dyna'mix Badminton, Masae Yonaga wrote her own sound driver and wrote the music in 6502 assembly.

Audio Personnel