Patrick Payne

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Patrick Payne
Patrick Payne - 01.png
Born 1956 or 1957
Birth Place
Nationality Canadian   Canada.svg

Patrick Payne is a former computer game composer and foley artist for Distinctive Software. He has a music degree from the University of British Columbia and plays the guitar. In 1989, he moved to mobile technology. Since 2006, he runs QuickMobile in Vancouver.

Music Development

Commodore 64

Payne arranged songs in Master Composer, and he or someone else compressed them and added fading, looping, and muting voices (for sound effects) to its driver.


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-0?-?? Accolade's Comics (C64)
1987-??-?? Test Drive (AMI) With Rick Millson.
1987-??-?? Test Drive (AST) With Rick Millson.
1987-??-?? Test Drive (C64)
1987-??-?? Test Drive (DOS) With Rick Millson.
1988-02-?? Power at Sea (C64) With Kris Hatlelid and Eric Pauker.

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