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Founded 1987-??-??
Last Release 1992-??-??

Paperboy is a scrolling-shooter developed by Atari. You play as a paperboy who must deliver papers to all of the subscribers for the newspaper that he works for. If the paperboy fails to deliver to a subscribers house, the residents will unsubscribe. In some ports, the only way to win them back is to make perfect deliveries (deliver a paper to each subscriber's house). The player can choose one of three paper routes, each named after their difficulty; Easy Street, Middle Road, and Hard Way. The goal of the game is so survive one week of being a paperboy. The player starts out with three lives and will lose a life with anything that touches the paperboy. The game has seen several home and mobile ports and has spawned a couple sequels.

Later, Tengen and Mindscape teamed up to release Paperboy 2. In the original game, you could only play as a paperboy and throw papers to the left. In Paperboy 2, you can now also play as a papergirl and throw papers to the right. There are also more (unrealistic) obstacles such as ghosts and cannons.



Paperboy 2

Paperboy 64

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  • In the SNES version of the game, the game uses the Slap Bass patch from the Korg M1. The same exact instrument was used in the Seinfeld theme song. As a result, many people have compared the Paper Route song in the second game to the Seinfeld theme song.