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OutRun - ZXS - UK.jpg
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Year: 1987
Developer: Probe Software Ltd.
For other games in the series, see OutRun.

OutRun is a third-person driving game where you drive a Ferrari Testarossa down various roads in a race against time. As you reach the end of a road, you come to a fork where you can merge left for an easier road or right for a harder road. You must avoid other cars on the road and the numerous buildings and structures on the sides of the road. Crashing slows you down and wastes precious time. You can adjust the car's speed by moving between high and low gear.

Like with all ZX Spectrum conversions, OutRun suffered greatly in the graphics department, and most of what made the arcade game so revolutionary was lost. Still, the game is quite playable.


OutRun - ZXS - Title.png

The title graphic.

OutRun - ZXS - Menu.png

Setting up the game.

OutRun - ZXS - Driving.png

Driving along the road.

OutRun - ZXS - Next Lap.png

Made it to the first checkpoint.

OutRun - ZXS - Wipe Out.png

Don't smash into trucks!

OutRun - ZXS - High Scores.png

The high score list.


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OutRun - ZXS - Album Art.jpg

The game's music was originally composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi, and arranged for the Spectrum possibly by Jason Brooke, though this has yet to be confirmed. The arcade version of OutRun allowed you to choose your radio station music among three tracks, but the Spectrum only has two tracks, and they alternate as you pass checkpoints.

In the original game, Last Wave is heard during the high score list and a jazzy tune plays along with the roar of waves, but the Spectrum removed the tune and plays only the waves. Since it's just white noise, the "song" is not included.

The game sold on cassette and diskette; the cassette version featured an analog recording of the original arcade songs Magical Sound Shower, Splash Wave, and Passing Breeze. After the game finished loading into memory, you could play the cassette like an ordinary audio tape and listen to the arcade music instead of the game's digital soundtrack.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Magical Sound Shower Hiroshi KawaguchiUnknown 6:34
02 Splash Wave Hiroshi KawaguchiUnknown 4:03

(Source: Arcade)


(Source: High Scores, game lacks credits.)

The arcade features an abbreviation of the original composer's name in the high score list.

Game Rip






Ripping Spectrum music is a complicated process that it beyond the scope of this site. The music was recorded with Game Emu Player v1.79.

Audio Devices

For Spectrum 128 users, OutRun uses the built-in AY-3-8912 chip. Other Spectrum computers do not play anything. The cassette release included an analog audio recording of the actual arcade music that could be played during the game instead of its built in music.


  UK.svg   UK
OutRun - ZXS - UK.jpg
Title: OutRun
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Released: 1987-??-??
Publisher: U.S. Gold Ltd.
  Spain.svg   Spain
OutRun - ZXS - Spain.jpg
Title: OutRun
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Released: 198?-??-??
Publisher: U.S. Gold Ltd.