Nobuyuki Ohnogi

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Nobuyuki Ohnogi
Nobuyuki Ohnogi - 1.jpg
Local 大野木 宜幸 (おおのぎ のぶゆき)
Gender Male
Born 1956-01-27
Birth Place Shizuoka, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Died 2019-11-11 (Aged 63)
Aliases Uhohoy Ohnogi

Nobuyuki Ohnogi was a Japanese audio composer and sound programmer known for his work for Namco. He started working for them around 1981 when he was 25, composing and programming audio for many of their arcade and NES games. In 1985, Nobuyuki left Namco. However, he worked closely with Masanobu Endo's company Game Studio through Scitron & Art, a company that specializes in releasing video game soundtracks. Some of his best known works include Bosconian, Galaga, New Rally X, Mappy, and Pole Position.

Around 1994, Ohnogi left the game industry.

Unfortunately, Nobuyuki Ohnogi passed away on the night of November 11, 2019. He was 63 years old. His major and countless contributions to the video game music community will always be remembered.

Audio Development

In the promotional video of Metro-Cross showing the game's developing, Ohnogi is seen writing his music on a Prophet T8. Ohnogi used a lot of dotted 8th notes with 16th notes in his older works. This is evident in games like Mappy, Metro-Cross, and Galaga.


Ohnogi wrote his arcade soundtracks on the Namco WSG, and wrote the music in assembly machine code.


Nobuyuki wrote a sound driver and wrote in 6502 machine code. His driver was modified by Fukashi Ohmorita, who reprogrammed the driver to take up less space.


For Super Family Circuit, Ohnogi used a sound driver by Junko Ozawa, who had previously used Ohnogi's NES driver. According to Ozawa, music was written in 65C816 machine code.


Released Title Sample Notes
1981-02-?? New Rally-X (ARC) (ニュー ラリー エックス)
1980-??-?? King & Balloon (ARC)
1981-07-?? Warp & Warp (ARC) (ワープ&ワープ)
1981-09-?? Galaga (ARC) (ギャラガ)
1981-11-?? Bosconian (ARC) (ボスコニアン)
1982-??-?? Pole Position (ARC) (ポールポジション)
1983-??-?? Libble Rabble (ARC) (リブルラブル)
1983-??-?? Mappy (ARC) (マッピー)
1983-??-?? Pole Position II (ARC)
1984-??-?? Galaga (MSX)
1984-??-?? King & Balloon (MSX)
1984-11-02 Pac-Man (NES)
1984-11-08 Xevious (NES)
Arranged Yuriko Keino's music from the arcade version.
1984-11-14 Mappy (FC)
1985-??-?? Metro-Cross (ARC)
1985-02-15 Galaga: Demons of Death (NES)
1985-07-12 Warpman (FC) (ワープマン)
1985-08-06 The Tower of Druaga (FC) (ドルアーガの塔) Sound Software
1986-??-?? Hopping Mappy (ARC)
1986-08-28 Kidou Senshi Z-Gundam: Hot Scramble (FC) Sound Effects Programmer
1986-11-26 Mappy-Land (NES) (マッピーランド) Mappy Theme
1986-12-16 Metro-Cross (FC)
Arranged by unknown.
1987-12-22 Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (NES) Music Programmer
1987-??-?? Metro-Cross (C64)
Arranged by Brian O'Shaughnessy.
1988-01-06 Family Circuit (FC)
1988-07-22 The Quest of Ki (FC) (カイの冒険) Secret Passage
1989-02-21 Wizardry II: Legacy of Llylgamyn - The Third Scenario (FC) Music Programmer
1989-07-21 Tenkaichi Bushi: Keru Naguuru (FC) (ケルナグール)
1990-03-09 Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds - The Second Scenario (NES) Music Programmer
1990-05-18 Pac-Man (FDS) Arranger
1990-06-22 Galaga (FDS) (ギャラガ)
1990-11-22 Sanrio Carnival (FC) (さんりおカーニバル)
1991-03-21 Shadow Brain (FC) (シャドーブレイン) Sound Driver
1991-05-11 Sanrio Carnival (GB)
1991-07-19 Family Circuit '91 (FC)
1991-10-18 World Circuit (PCE) (ワールドサーキット)
1994-09-22 Libble Rabble (SFC)
1994-10-21 Super Family Circuit (SFC)
Unreleased Libble Rabble (FC)

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