Ninja Scooter Simulator

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Ninja Scooter Simulator
Founded 1988-0?-??
Last Release 1988-0?-??

Ninja Scooter Simulator is a budget Metro-Cross clone for 8-bit home computers. Apart from the box art, it has nothing to do with ninjas.

You ride a kick scooter and have to reach the finish line within a time limit. On the way, you lose precious seconds by crashing into holes, bobbies, cars, skulls, skeletons, and rumbling over grates. Fortunately, you can temporarily speed up and add time through power-ups. On ramps, you can perform stunts for bonus points. You probably should take time to get used to all controls.

The original ZX Spectrum version has only 6 sound effects on the buzzer. In 2020, fans added the CPC music to it.


Ninja Scooter Simulator

Notable Songs

Notable Companies


Ninja Scooter Simulator
Ninja Scooter Simulator Platform - C64.png • Platform - CPC.png
Notable Songs Theme - Ninja Scooter Simulator (CPC)
Notable Companies Probe Software • Sysoft • Silverbird Software