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Only one game use this format.
Only one game use this format.
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{{Table Header

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Note Block Song
Developer: Unknown
Header: Unknown
Content: PCM
Instruments: Intrinsic
Target Output
Output - Digital Audio.png Output - MIDI.png Output - FM Synthesis - No.png Output - PSG - No.png
Released: 2012-??-??
First Game: Minecraft Note Block Studio (W32)
  • *.nbs

Note Block Song file (or NBS) is a free digital audio format, created for the program Minecraft Note Block Studio. This is thew first and the only game use this format.

The NBS files are designed to use OGG files, so this isn't independent audio format as such, but contains ausio inside.

This format use instruments selected in OGG files to create music, so this format can also have MIDI output.







NBS to ?

? to NBS


Only one game use this format.





2012-??-?? Minecraft Note Block Studio (W32)