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Musicon Design
Born 1987-??-??
Birth Place Manchester, England
Nationality British   UK.svg

Musicon Design was a company of David Whittaker and Jason Brooke who specialized on writing video game music for many platforms.

They met in March 1986 as employees of video game developer Binary Design. Whittaker was already a well-known Commodore 64 musician and Brooke, then only a hobby musician, was starting as a games programmer. Whittaker had slow sound drivers and asked Brooke if he could write new ones. Both quickly got into many platforms.

In 1987, Whittaker felt underpaid, left Binary, and founded Musicon Design as a sister company to competitor Icon Design, who even used very similar tools. He states he never had to advertise. As he became busy, he offered Brooke (meanwhile Binary's musician) a job, eventually a joint directorship, and Brooke followed in November.

Both recount that many clients were in such a hurry that they just described the game briefly on the phone (instead of showing them anything) and set the deadline to very few days or even a half, quality and fittingness coming second. For conversions, clients sent Musicon recordings on audio cassette.

Their worst memories include chasing bills. When and how their company ended is unclear, but both kept writing music for a while afterwards.

Music Development


Released Title Sample
1987-12-0? Andy Capp (C64)