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Music Master
Music Master - C64 - Play & Finetune.png
Creator Antony Crowther
Released 1986-03-??
Platform Commodore 64
For the official release and example songs, see Music Master (C64).

Music Master is one version of the Commodore 64 music compiler and driver developed by Antony Crowther from 1985 to 1989. It was released in Your Commodore 3/86 as a type-in, along with 4 examples, an on-screen piano keyboard to find the correct notes, and 4 pages of instructions written by Crowther.

A song is arranged as a BASIC program with DATA statements. You enter 3 tracks (one per voice) with notes, rests, durations, and commands to freely modify all registers of the SID chip and toggle special effects:

  • Vibrato (13 cents only)
  • Pulse width modulation (3.125% only)
  • Waveform change (after 20 ms)
  • Pitch bend (up at 1.7 cents)

After you finish typing, you start the compiler. Unfortunately, its reactions are cryptic and undocumented: While working, it changes the border color and spreads characters over the top 4 lines of the screen. When an error occurs, the background color changes and you have to search for typos, syntax errors, and even superfluous spaces. If the number of digits after a command are wrong, the song may sound wrong.


The following composers used Music Master on at least one game:

The following composers used Music Master before scoring games:

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