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The mission of the Video Game Music Preservation Foundation is to create a detailed archive of the vibrant history of video game music from artistic, technical, and historical perspectives.

Like many of the artists who began in what is often considered a child's medium, video game composers are underrated and overlooked by mainstream culture, but their craft is just as important and emotionally moving as the work of any composer.

Musicians today have the luxury of high-end audio tools at their disposal, but early video game platforms restricted composers to very tight constraints. How these artists made concessions to produce impressive audio within these constraints is an interesting topic worth documenting.

Imagine if Johann Sebastian Bach's first public performance was recorded! We are lucky enough to live in a time when the majority of the founders of this artistic medium are still alive to talk to and their music can still be played, but it won't last. We want to record their memories and their songs before they're lost to time forever.