Minecraft Note Block Studio (W32)

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This page is about music in this NBS and MIDI player. For the program for creating music, see

Minecraft Note Block Studio
Platform: Windows 32
Year: 2012
Developer: Unknown

Minecraft Note Block Studio (W32) is a program for creating music in MIDI and NBS format, and for playing NBS format.



Here is the list of standard music, placed in the subfolder of the program.

The tracks are placed here in alphabetic order of the actual files.








1 A Kind of Magic Queen Anonymous
3 Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Anonymous 5:31 3.68 MB
8 Don't Stop Me Now Queen Anonymous
12 Gangman Style PSY Anonymous
14 Hammer To Fall Queen Anonymous
14 The Raiders March John Williams Anonymous
19 Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry Anonymous
21 Nyan Cat Theme Anonymous Anonymous
23 Popcorn Gershon Kingsley Anonymous
30 Sweden Daniel Rosenfeld Anonymous
32 Korobeiniki Anonymous Anonymous
34 The Edge of Glory Lady Gaga Anonymous
35 Turkish March Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Anonymous
37 What Is Love Nestor Alexander Haddaway Anonymous


The authors of the original songs are usually appears while you choose the song for playing.

Game Rip

The native NBS files are in the one of the game subfolders, so ripping it is only placing it in the ZIP file.

MIDI rip also has been created, because this player can also convert NBS to MIDI.

This program also use OGG files for instruments from original Minecraft, but NBS format is used for creating music with this sounds. However, OGG rip of this sounds is also contained.





Note Block Studio-W32.zip Download 2 KB