Michal Marcinkowski

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Michal Marcinkowski
Born 1984-05-24
Birth Place Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationality Polish   Poland.svg

Michal Marcinkowski was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on May 24th, 1984, but he lives in Poland and is of Polish ancestry. As a curious child, he was interested in all things including computer programming and music; however he didn't actually start composing music until several years later when he discovered mod trackers. Marcinkowski taught himself how to play the guitar and how to compose music using trackers which he uses to create music for the video games he creates.

Marcinkowski lists his musical influences as Vangelis Papathanassiou, Johann Sebastian Bach, Phillip Glass, and Kitaro. His favorite bands include Therion, Rammstein, Manowar, Jason Becker, Amon Amarth, Sabaton, and, surprisingly, the Bee Gees.

Outside of music, Marcinkowski hobbies include computer programming, game design, and body building.


Released Title Sample
2002-05-09 Soldat (W32)
2006-12-22 R (W32)

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