Light Link Music

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Light Link Music
Local ライトリンクミュージック (らいとりんくみゅーじっく)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Studio Clamp

Light Link Music (ライトリンクミュージック Raito Rinku Myūjikku) is a Japanese audio business started by composer Kenichi Kamio. The company specializes in audio for video games.

Kenichi started the company in 1991, and the company produced video game music until around 2000. The company doesn't seem to work on video games anymore, but the website claims it works on all sorts of media, including video games.

Because some games credit Kenichi for music and Light Link Music at the same time for sound, it can be hard to tell who exactly worked on the game. However, the sound credit could refer to Kiyoshi Kusatsu, who programmed sound drivers.

Audio Personnel


Released Title Sample
1992-04-25 Hyokkori Hyoutanjima: Nazo no Kaizokusen (FC) (ひょっこりひょうたん島 海賊船) Sound
1995-11-27 Puzzle de Pon! (GBC)
1997-11-27 R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital (PS1) (―エムジェイ。 R?MJ THE MYSTERY HOSPITAL)
1997-12-18 R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital (SAT)
1997-??-?? Pop 'n Pop (ARC) (ポップンポップ)
1999-08-?? Chase H.Q.: Secret Police (GBC) (タイトーメモリアル チェイス・エイチ・キュー)
1999-10-?? Classic Bubble Bobble (GBC) (タイトーメモリアル バブルボブル)
2000-06-29 Rainbow Islands: Putty's Party (WS) (パティーズ★パーティ)
2000-10-27 Bust-A-Move Millennium (GBC)
2000-12-17 Yogi Bear: Great Balloon Blast (GBC) Sound Director