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The Leland Corporation
Founded ca. 1980's
Closed 1996
Headquarters El Cajon, California, USA
Other Names Team Leland

The Leland Corporation was an American game developer who specialized in developing arcade games. They are best known for the games "(John Elway's) Quarterback", "Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat", and "Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road". While they strictly developed arcade games, some of their titles were converted to computers and home consoles by companies like Rare and Graftgold.

The Leland Corporation closed its doors in 1996.


Music Development


Sam Powell was the primary composer. He wrote MIDI files in MasterTracks Pro for the Macintosh. The MIDI files were then converted into Michelle Simon's sound engine. Their arcade games mostly used the AY-3-8910A or YM2151 sound chips, both using DAC.

Audio Personnel

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