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LJN Logo.png
Founded 1970
Closed 1995
Headquarters Midtown Manhattan, New York City, USA
Other Names LJN Toys, Ltd.
Flying Edge
Arena Entertainment

LJN was an American video game company and toy company. They are known for their several poor-quality video games. The company was founded by Jack Friedman, whose previous boss was named Norman J. Lewis. His initials backwards are the result of the company name.

The biggest misconception about LJN is that they developed the video games they published. In reality, LJN only published the games, and outsourced their development to companies such as Atlus, Bits Studios, Probe Software, Rare, Software Creations, Westone, and some other game developers. However, they were still responsible for the poor quality games made by the developers, as they gave the developers tight deadlines and made them rush games out the door.

In their earlier games, LJN prohibited the use of credits in their games, likely due to the rushed nature of the games they published. However, Software Creations got around this rule by putting their names in the game's ROM image. Near the end of the NES era, it appears LJN dropped this rule or didn't care, as developers started putting full staff lists in their games.

When LJN published games on Sega consoles, they would use the company name Flying Edge. In some cases, they would use the name Arena Entertainment (i.e. T2: The Arcade Game, Alien 3). LJN was later bought and dissolved by Acclaim, and their last game was a Dreamcast game titled Spirit of Speed; interesting as Acclaim had long since stopped using the LJN name.


Audio Personnel

(Note: Since LJN was not a game developer and outsourced games, the composers will be listed with their companies listed.)



Beam Software

Bits Studios

Eastridge Technology

Gray Matter


Realtime Associates

Sculptured Software

Software Creations

Western Technologies


Iguana Entertainment

Rocket Science Productions