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Koei Co., Ltd.
Founded 1978-07-25
Headquarters Imafuku-cho, Ashikaga City, Japan
Website koei.co.jp

Koei is a Japanese game developer who has been making games for over 20 years. The company originally started out as a chemical company founded by Yoichi Erikawa (AKA Kou Shibusawa and Eiji Fukuzawa), but after programming Nobunaga's Ambition, his employee's liked the game and so Yoichi decided to turn the company into a game development studio. The company mainly develops strategy games such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms (San Goku Shi). All of Koei's early games lack credits for an unknown reason. However, some of them credit Yoichi's aliases, so it is possible that he programmed all of the games himself. Some of Koei's instruction manuals say the following after explaining the game's story: Yoichi Erikawa - President Koei Corporation & The Entire Koei Staff. This probably implies that he made up the entire staff and that the games were all developed by him solely.


Music Development

Audio Personnel