King's Knight (MSX)

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King's Knight
King's Knight - MSX.jpg
Platform: MSX
Year: 1986
Developer: Cancel

In King's Knight (キングスナイト Kingusu Naito), you would expect from the looks of the game it would be an RPG, but it is actually a top-down vertical shooter. In this game, you have a party of four; Rayjack the Knight, Kaliva the Wizard, Barusa the Monster and Toby the Thief. Each character has their own separate stage. In each character's stage, you must find four artifacts, and must also complete the stage. However, this is a chore, as the game runs at a very choppy rate and it's too easy to die, despite the player having a health meter. The game was later ported to the NES, and was a little better, but not by much.


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The music in King's Knight was composed by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu, and is rumored to have been one of, if not the first, video game he worked on.

Uematsu may have created sheet music and gave it to the programmers, in which the programmers implemented it into machine code and then into the game.


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# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Game Start Nobuo Uematsu 0:00 Download
02 Overworld Theme Nobuo Uematsu 0:00 Download
03 Underground Theme Nobuo Uematsu 0:00 Download
04 Final Stage Start Nobuo Uematsu 0:00 Download
05 Final Stage Nobuo Uematsu 0:00 Download
06 Death Nobuo Uematsu 0:00 Download
07 Death (Final Stage) Nobuo Uematsu 0:00 Download
08 Stage Clear Nobuo Uematsu 0:00 Download
09 Ending Theme Nobuo Uematsu 0:00 Download


(Source: [1]; Game lacks credits.)

The game does not contain any credits. After you complete the game and get the ending, pressing a key will return you to the title screen. However, several official sources cite Uematsu as the composer for King's Knight.

Game Rip






The rip consists of the VGZ files. These files were ripped with openMSX VGM Mod, but a special ROM was created and used to play music at the startup screen. A KSS rip should be made for this game.

Audio Devices

The game plays the music on an AY-3-8910.


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King's Knight - MSX.jpg
Title: King's Knight
Platform: MSX
Released: 1986
Publisher: Square Enix