Kazuya Matsushita

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Kazuya Matsushita
Local 松下一也 (まつした かずや)
Born Jun 7, 1960.
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Died Jul 23, 2004.
Aliases Armadillo (?), Armaddilo (?)

Kazuya Matsushita was a Japanese composer who worked at Hummingbird Soft. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2004.

(Note: The games that say 'Composer' are the games that credit Armadillo for the music. It has not yet been confirmed if this is Kazuya's alias.)


Released Title Sample
1986-12-19 Deep Dungeon (FDS) (ディープダンジョン 魔洞戦記) Composer?
1987-05-30 Deep Dungeon: The Hero of the Armory (FDS) (ディープダンジョン 勇士の紋章) Composer?
1988-05-13 Deep Dungeon III: The Journey to the Hero (FC) (ディープダンジョンIII 勇士への旅)