Junichi Ueda

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Junichi Ueda
Local 上田順一 (うえだ じゅんいち)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Junichi Ueda is a Japanese composer and sound designer. He started off working for Home Data, his first job there being the difficult task of converting the arcade's music as closely as possible on the Sharp X68000.

Music Development


Junichi said this about working on the X68000 version of Marble Madness:

Difficult! These are songs that you can't grasp.

Do you normally get this kind of sound on an FM sound source? It's a tone that makes you think. Fortunately, the original songs never exceeded 8 channels of OPM, so that was easy, but it was still difficult.

To name a few things I struggled with in Marble Madness, the BGM on the 1st side didn't have the rhythmic point of the song, such as mixing a simple rhythm synchronized to the tape to make it easier to set the timing.. In addition, there is a sound effect in the song with BGM with 3 sides and BGM with 6 sides! This sound effect intensely bothered my head.

Also, I was in charge of not only the BGM but also sound effects, but there were a sound that made me think that this didn't really come out of an FM sound card (for example, the sound that hits the fence, the real thing is more like the sound that hits the fence. I had a hard time.

In this way, the Marble Madness BGM and sound effects were completed. To be clear, is this the limit for tapes recorded from the board? Anyway, it was completed! Let us meet again in the next



Released Title Sample Notes
1991-03-15 Marble Madness (X68) (マーブルマドネス) Arranged the music of Hal Canon and Brad Fuller.
1991-10-31 Shogi no Hoshi (SMD) (将棋の星) Music Program
1992-??-?? Superman (GEN) With Kenji Yamazaki and Hiroshi Tsukamoto.
1993-01-29 Super Soukoban (SFC) (スーパー倉庫番) Arranged Akira Suda's music with Kineo Inoue and Masahiro Kataoka.
1993-??-?? Superman: The Man of Steel (GG) Music arranged by Jason Page.
1993-??-?? Superman: The Man of Steel (SMS) Music arranged by Jason Page.