Junichi Saito (NES Driver)

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Junichi Saito (NES Driver)
Released 1988-03-10
Programmers Junichi Saito
Language 6502 Assembly
Formats ?

Junichi Saito (NES Driver) is an unofficial title of the sound driver used in most of Pack-In-Video's games. According to programmer Toru Miyazawa, Junichi programmed the sound driver and wrote music in Music Macro Language.

Release History

The driver has several revisions. The first version of the driver was used in Predator, released in the USA and Japan. After Thunderbirds, the frequency data of the driver was changed from about 440Hz to about 450Hz. It is unknown why this change was made. Also, for the games that use the second revision of the sound driver, there are notes missing. This was probably done to save space in the games.

The game "Kawa no Nushi Tsuri" appears to use a different sound engine, and it is unknown whether or not Rambo/Sylvania (FDS) use a driver programmed by Junichi, as he does not receive credit in Rambo, and Sylviania lacks credits. Despite Sylviania being a Disk System game, the driver does not take advantage of the RP2C33. Rambo and Sylviania both use square vibrato in the instrument design, so it's possible Junichi may have had something to do with it.


The driver outputs to the RP2A03 for North American/Japanese releases of games and the RP2A07 on European games. In Europe, the driver has the standard effect of being tuned down a half-step and playing slightly slower.


Released Title Sample Version
1987-12-04 Rambo (NES)
1988-03-10 Predator (NES)
1988-08-10 Sylviana: Ai Ippai no Boukensha (FDS)  ?
1989-09-29 Thunderbirds (NES)
1989-12-01 Future Wars: Lios (FC)
1990-04-06 Deep Dungeon IV: Kuro no Yojutsu-shi (FC) (ディープ ダンジョン Ⅳ 黒の妖術師) 1
1990-08-10 Kawa no Nushi Tsuri (FC) (川のぬし釣り) 3
1990-09-14 Bakushou! Star Monomane Shittenou (FC) (爆笑! スターものまね四天王) 2 (Revised)
1991-07-19 Die Hard (NES)
2 (Revised)