Joseph White

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Joseph Anthony White
Birth Place
Nationality Unknown   Unknown.svg
Aliases J. White, Joe White, J. Anthony White

Joseph White was a composer for various video games.


Released Title Sample
1992-??-?? Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (AMI)
1993-??-?? Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (AMI)
1994-??-?? BreakThru! (W16)
1994-03-?? Star Trek: The Next Generation (SNES)
1995-01-?? BreakThru! (GB)
1995-01-?? BreakThru! (SNES)
1995-05-31 Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Final Unity (W16)
1997-04-30 Star Trek Generations (DOS)
1998-11-30 Falcon 4.0 (W16)
2002-12-07 Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (GC)
2011-01-25 Dead Space 2 (X360)