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Jochen Heß
Birth Place
Nationality German   Germany.svg
  • Jochen Hess

Jochen Heß is a German video game composer and programmer who often worked together with Norbert Schmidt and Ekkehard Heß. Their first known credit is for programming the game Prospektor in GW-BASIC for Happy-Computer 7/88, which has only minimum PC Speaker sound. Their second known credit is for Rock'n Roll (DOS). They seem to have shared the alias Palladix until 1992, then worked at the company Moonlight, then Parsec Entertainment Software and, in 1993 and 1994, Freelance Development.

On a few games, Jochen Heß also did additional programming, wrote manuals and dialog. He seemed to prefer composing his own music, as almost all of the DOS games which he composed for but were also available on other platforms have completely different music from the other versions. In much of his music, disco, jazz and medieval can be heard.

Music Development


Jochen Heß co-developed Palladix Music System and used formats supported by it. A common element were bass and melody lines played on two slightly detuned voices.

In 1995, he switched to HMI with Dietmar Heß.


Released Title Sample
1990-??-?? Rock'n Roll (DOS)
1991-??-?? MadTV (DOS)
1992-??-?? Catch'em (DOS)
1992-??-?? On The Road (DOS)
1992-??-?? The Spoils Of War (DOS)
1993-??-?? Cannonade (DOS)
1993-??-?? Das Telekommando kehrt zurück (DOS)
1993-??-?? Freak Out (DOS)
1993-??-?? Heirs To The Throne (DOS)
1993-??-?? Spheroids (DOS)
1994-0?-?? Bi-Fi Roll - Action in Hollywood (DOS)
1994-12-07 Dunkle Schatten (DOS)
1994-??-?? Backstage (DOS)
1994-??-?? Captain Zins (DOS)
1994-??-?? Magic of Endoria (DOS)
1995-0?-?? Wissoll-Circus-Trophy (DOS)
1995-??-?? Crusade (DOS)
1995-??-?? Falsches Spiel mit Eddie M. (DOS)
1995-??-?? Hilfe für Amajambere (DOS)
1995-??-?? Jeff Jet - Abenteuer Infohighway (DOS)
1996-??-?? Dunkle Schatten 2 (DOS)
1997-??-?? Die Enviro-Kids greifen ein (DOS)
1997-??-?? MadTV 2 (DOS)