Jeff van Dyck

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Jeff van Dyck
Jeff van Dyck - 1.jpg
Birth Place Vancouver, Canada
Nationality Canadian   Canada.svg
Aliases Jeff Dyck

Jeff van Dyck is a Canadian musician. He was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. As a kid, his father worked for Roland Corporation and had the opportunity to work with big name artists such as Toto, Michael Jackson, Oscar Peterson, and Paul Horn. All of these inspired Jeff to compose music for games. In 1992 when Jeff was 23 years old, he started working for Electronic Arts. After five years of composing music for EA's sports games, he moved to Australia and contracted to different companies around the world, creating all kinds of genres of soundtracks. Jeff currently lives in Southport, Queensland, Australia.


Released Title Sample
1993-??-?? FIFA International Soccer (GEN)
1993-??-?? NHL '94 (DOS) Sound Effects
1993-??-?? Skitchin' (GEN)
1993-10-?? NHL '94 (SNES) Sound FX
1994-??-?? FIFA International Soccer (3DO) Sound Effects
1994-??-?? FIFA International Soccer (SCD)
1994-??-?? FIFA Soccer '95 (GEN)
1994-05-?? FIFA International Soccer (SNES)
1994-12-?? Metal Morph (SNES)
1995-??-?? Coach K College Basketball (GEN)
1995-??-?? FIFA Soccer 96 (GEN) Special Thanks
1995-??-?? NBA Live 95 (DOS) Sound Engineering
1995-10-?? NBA Live '96 (SNES)
1995-10-31 NHL 96 (DOS)
1995-11-?? FIFA Soccer 96 (PS1) Special Thanks (Film Talent)
1996-??-?? Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed (PS1)
1996-??-?? Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed (SAT)
1996-03-?? NBA Live '96 (PS1) Original Crowd SFX
1996-08-31 NHL 97 (W16)
1997-??-?? Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed SE (W16)
1997-03-31 Need for Speed II (PS)
1997-04-30 Need for Speed II (W16)
1997-08-31 NHL 98 (PS1)
1997-09-30 NHL 98 (W16)
1998-09-30 NHL 99 (PS1)
1998-09-30 NHL 99 (W16)
1998-10-01 NHL '99 (N64)
1999-??-?? Cricket World Cup '99 (W16)
1999-??-?? Missile Command (W16)
2000-03-?? Cricket 2000 (PS1)
2000-06-13 Shogun: Total War (W32)
2000-10-15 Battleship: Surface Thunder (W32)
2001-06-15 Rugby (PS2)
2001-08-24 Shogun: Total War - The Mongol Invasion (W32)
2002-09-09 Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom (W32)
2003-05-07 Medieval: Total War - Viking Invasion (W32)
2004-09-22 Rome: Total War (W32)
2005-09-25 Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion (W32)
2005-10-07 Spartan: Total Warrior (GC)
2005-10-07 Spartan: Total Warrior (PS2)
2006-11-10 Medieval II: Total War (W32)
2009-03-24 Stormrise (W32)
2010-03-02 Sonic Classic Collection (NDS)

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