J.League Fighting Soccer: The King of Ace Strikers (GB)

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J.League Fighting Soccer: The King of Ace Strikers
J League Fighting Soccer - GB.jpg
Platform: Game Boy
Year: 1992
Developer: Graphic Research
This page is for the Game Boy version. For the Famicom version, see J.League Fighting Soccer: The King of Ace Strikers (FC).

J.League Fighting Soccer: The King of Ace Strikers is a soccer simulator game based on the popular J.League soccer tournaments in Japan. It was developed by Graphic Research and published by IGS. The player can choose from 12 teams and players from the J.League rosters.

The game was never released outside of Japan, presumably due to J.League not being well-known outside of Japan, but a majority of the game is in English, so players who can't understand Japanese shouldn't have too much of a problem playing the game.

Graphic Research later released J.League Winning Goal (GB), as well as porting the game to the Famicom.


J League Fighting Soccer - GB - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

J League Fighting Soccer - GB - Mode Select.png

The main menu.

J League Fighting Soccer - GB - Game Theme 1.png

Playing soccer.

J League Fighting Soccer - GB - Goal Kick.png

The goal kick mode.

J League Fighting Soccer - GB - Goal.png


J League Fighting Soccer - GB - Win.png



J.League Fighting Soccer features a soundtrack by Graphic Research's lead musician, Fumito Tamayama. The game consists of twelve tracks, an average amount for a 1992 Game Boy release. The music resembles Tamayama's familiar style, consisting of mostly driving rock tracks. There are three different in-game tunes; Game Theme 1, which plays during the first half of the game, Game Theme 2, which plays during the second half of the game, and finally, Game Theme 3, which plays once the timer reaches 0:59 seconds. The fidelity of the drums is pretty good, as the noise channel plays in conjunction with the triangle channel for more realistic-sounding drums.

Though Graphic Research also developed the Famicom version, that version has a completely different soundtrack, courtesy of Yoko Kawashima.

There are a few songs in the game that play two or more areas of the game; Lost plays during the Game Over screen, Game Start plays during the Change Court screen, and Miss plays at the Draw screen. The song titles are based on where they are first heard in the game.

Fumito Tamayama wrote the music in Music Macro Language into his version of Graphic Research's sound driver.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen Fumito Tamayama 1:23
02 Mode Select Fumito Tamayama 0:25
03 Game Start Fumito Tamayama 0:05
04 Game Theme 1 Fumito Tamayama 1:27
05 Game Theme 2 Fumito Tamayama 1:33
06 Game Theme 3 Fumito Tamayama 0:54
07 Miss Fumito Tamayama 0:04
08 Goal Fumito Tamayama 0:05
09 Goal Kick Fumito Tamayama 1:27
10 Lost Fumito Tamayama 0:04
11 Win Fumito Tamayama 0:06
12 Ending Fumito Tamayama 0:49
13 Staff Roll Fumito Tamayama 2:19



The credits are displayed after beating either the League or Tournament modes. Fumito is listed by his last name only. Yasuyuki Hamada is listed in the credits for programming as his usual alias, Hyakumangoku. Xerd no Densetsu credits Tamayama and Hamada, as well as Hiroto Kanno for the sound driver. Both games share the same sound driver.

Game Rip




Audio Devices

The game uses the DMG-CPU B of the Game Boy. It uses the second version of the Graphic Research sound driver by Fumito Tamayama.


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J League Fighting Soccer - GB.jpg
Title: Jリーグファイティングサッカー The King of Ace Strikers (J.League Fighting Soccer: The King of Ace Strikers)
Platform: GB
Released: 1992-12-27
Publisher: IGS