Intro - Pool of Radiance (NES)

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Composer Seiji Toda
Released 1991-06-28

Intro plays upon bootup of Pool of Radiance on the NES.


The song plays at a tempo of 102 beats per minute, is in the 4/4 time signature, and starts out in the key of C Major, and then switches to Bb Major.

The beginning of the song starts out with the first square channel playing a guitar-like instrument alternating between a G, F, E, and F in 16th notes with the triangle accompanying on bass. After two measures of this, the second square channel enters with an echo-y sounding instrument playing a C. After 2 beats of that, the second square wave plays in octaves of the C note it was playing before. At 0:14, the song switches instruments and the key signature to Bb Major, and the noise channel enters. The lead instrument sounds like a brass section, and the second square wave sounds like tremolo strings. The bass and second square wave compliment each other on harmonies. At 0:33, both square channels switch to the echo-y instrument heard in the beginning. After 4 measures, the triangle channel plays in the higher octaves and plays a little solo. The song then loops back to the 0:14 mark.


Pool of Radiance (PC98)

Platform - PC98.png
Pool of Radiance (PC98)
Output - OPNA.svg
Arranger Masayuki Kurinaga
Released 1989-12-21
Length 0:50
BPM 107
Format VGZ
Loops Yes

The song was most likely meant to appear during the game's title screen. However, since the game boots into the main menu, there is no title screen to play this song, and thus, it goes unused. Because the PC-98 has a superior YM2203 chip compared to the NES's 2A03, the PC-98 version is able to add some bells and whistles to it for a more polished sound. This version plays at 106 BPM, making it faster than the NES version.

Pool of Radiance (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Pool of Radiance (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Pool of Radiance - NES - Title.png
Arranger Seiji Toda
Released 1991-06-28
Length 0:52
BPM 102
Format NSF
Loops Yes

The song plays as soon as the power is turned on. The copyright screen is displayed, then a first-person view is shown of the party walking toward a sign. The sign advertises that the council of New Phlan is seeking adventurers to get rid of an evil trying to take over the city, and tempts them with the taglines RICHES! FAME! GLORY!. The game then goes to the title screen as soon as the last part of the song plays.