Incredible Technologies

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Incredible Technologies
Incredible Technologies 12-10-13.jpg
Founded 1985
Headquarters Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA
Other Names IT
FRS Inc.

Incredible Technologies is an American video game developer founded by Richard Ditton and Elaine Hodgson; both of which worked on video game music. The company has developed games for almost every platform including the NES, TurboGrafx-16, Sega Genesis. In addition, they have also developed several arcade and casino games.

Because Incredible Technologies published their own video games, they were able to put staff credits in their games, something that was frowned upon at the time they started making video games. They would also put their developers' initials in the high scores. There are only a few exceptions, including "Pairs", which was a pornographic arcade game.

The company still exists to this day, focusing mainly on slot machines and other casino games.

Music Development


David Thiel said this:

The good news was that I got to architect the hardware and pick the parts. The bad news was that the budget was low. So I picked a Yamaha synth chip that did 3 good FM voices (vs the 8 we had for Data East). We were still able to get a good result for Capcom Bowling and Golden Tee Golf (and others).


The company only produced a single game American Gladiators. The company used a sound engine, possibly by either David Thiel or Kyle Johnson. Thiel reportedly said he never worked on any NES game. Leif Marwede is the only person who composed the music.


Audio Personnel