I Closed My Eyes

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I Closed My Eyes
Output - SNES.svg
Secret of Mana - SNES - Sleeping.png
Composer Hiroki Kikuta
Arranger Hiroki Kikuta
Programmer Minoru Akao
Released 1993-08-06
Length 0:16
Format SPC.png
Game Secret of Mana (SNES)
Title Origin Origin
Loops Yes

I Closed My Eyes is the short instrumentation played on a music box. You hear the song when you to sleep at an inn or if all three characters die and you get the game over screen.

This song is track 44 on the official soundtrack.

This song was updated and elongated in the sequel Seiken Densetsu 3 (SFC) under the title Long Goodbye.

Secret of Mana - SNES - Game Over.png


The American and Japanese soundtrack titles are essentially the same.

Title Transliteration Source
I Closed My Eyes US Soundtrack
ひとみを閉じて (Hitomi o Toji Te) Close Your Eyelids Japan OSV


The following ports emulate the SNES game and feature identical sounding music.

  • Secret of Mana (AND)
  • Secret of Mana (IOS)
  • Secret of Mana (WII)
  • Secret of Mana (WIIU)

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