Hummer Team

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Hummer Team
Hummer tech.png
Founded 1992
Closed 2010
Headquarters Taiwan
Other Names Someri Team, Jing Tay Team, Copyright, Hummer Technology, Co., Ltd., Simmer Technology Co., Ltd.

Hummer Team was a Taiwanese pirate game developer that originated in 1992 after a few members left Computer & Entertainment. They were known for making what many consider decent NES ports of games that were on more advanced consoles along with having games published by many different companies including SuperTone, Yoko Soft, Ge De Industry Co., JY Company and KaSheng. The team seems to have significantly reduced in size during the 64-bit era, but the remaining members continued to make games until at least 2006, mostly for multicarts and plug & play Famiclones (later VT03-based) and some XaviX games. Hummer Technology closed doors in 2010.


Music Development


The only composer is Hummer Cheng who stole and reverse engineered sound engine from Athena's De-Block game.

Audio Personnel