Hiroaki Suga

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Hiroaki Suga
Hiroaki Suga.jpg
Local 菅 浩秋 (すが ひろあき)
Born 1963
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases GSX.Suga, GSX, H. Suga, Sugi
Website Unknown

Hiroaki Suga is a Japanese game developer who has been working for HAL Laboratory for several years. While Suga composed music, he was primarily a sound driver programmer.


Released Title Sample
1981-??-?? Rally-X (V20)
1984-??-?? Rollerball (MSX) (ローラーボール)
1984-11-02 F1 Race (FC) (F1レース) Sound Driver
1985-??-?? Eggerland Mystery (MSX) (エッガーランド: ミステリー)
1985-10-18 Mach Rider (NES) (マッハライダー) Sound Driver
1986-12-10 Gall Force: Eternal Story (FC) (ガルフォース: ETERNAL STORY) Sound Driver
1988-01-07 Hierarchy of Murderous Intent: Power Soft Murder Case (FC) (殺意の階層 パワーソフト殺人事件) Sound Driver
1988-04-14 Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally (FDS) (ファミコングランプリ:3Dホットラリー) Sound Driver
1988-08-09 Eggerland: Resurrection of the Labyrinth (FC) (エッガーランド: ミステリー: 迷宮の復活) Sound Director
1989-07-28 Shanghai (GB) (上海)
1989-10-18 Revenge of the 'Gator (GB) (66匹のワニ大行進)
1989-11-17 Knowledge: Yakikita's Rare Journey (FC) (御存知弥次喜多珍道中) Music Tone
1990-02-?? Rollerball (NES)
1994-12-?? Wario's Woods (SNES) (ワリオの森)