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| 1990-09-07
| 1990-09-07
| [[Uchuu Keibitai SDF (FC)]] (宇宙 警備隊 SDF)
| [[Uchuu Keibitai SDF (FC)]] (宇宙 警備隊 SDF)
| 1990-??-??
|- Othello (GB)
| 1991-02-23
| 1991-02-23
| [[HAL's Hole in One Golf (SNES)]] (ジャンボ尾崎の ホールインワン)
| [[HAL's Hole in One Golf (SNES)]] (ジャンボ尾崎の ホールインワン)

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Hideki Kanazashi
Local 金刺英樹 (かなざし ひでき)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Escaper Kanagushi, Zap Rodeo, Zap Ajisai, Rodeo Kanagushi, Nige no Kanazashi, Nigeta Zap, Jumper Kanagushi, H. Kanazasi, Rodeo
Website Unknown

Hideki Kanazashi is a Japanese composer and sound designer who worked for HAL Laboratory. He was usually credited with his last name being 'Kanagushi'. He started working for HAL Laboratory around 1986 and left sometime around 1994. While his music isn't well known, it has been very influential to its listeners. Most of the music he composed was jazz but he also composed rock and Latin tunes as well. Most of the music he composed consisted of notes coming together as chords making the music much more enjoyable to listen to. Hideki's most notable works are probably the Adventures of Lolo games on NES. It is unknown where Hideki currently is or what he does.

Music Composition

Hideki's musical style sounds similar to David Wise.

Famicom Disk System

According to the Famicom Disk System game Eggerland and Fire Bam, Hideki used Music Maker. This is most likely how he made all his NES music.


Released Title Sample
1984-11-02 F1 Race (FC) (F1 レース)
1985-??-?? Mach Rider (VS)
1985-10-18 Mach Rider (NES) (マッハライダー)
1986-??-?? Eggerland Mystery 2 (MSX) (迷宮神話)
1986-04-25 Keisan Game: Sansuu 1 Nen (FC) (けいさんゲーム さんすう1年)
1986-04-25 Keisan Game: Sansuu 2 Nen (FC) (けいさんゲーム さんすう2年)
1986-04-25 Keisan Game: Sansuu 3 Nen (FC) (けいさんゲーム さんすう3年)
1986-10-13 Othello (FDS) (オセロ)
1986-10-30 Keisan Game: Sansuu 4 Nen (FC) (けいさんゲーム さんすう4年)
1986-10-30 Keisan Game: Sansuu 5+6 Nen (FC) (けいさんゲーム さんすう5+6年)
1986-11-13 Othello (NES)
1986-12-10 Gall Force: Eternal Story (FDS) (ガルフォース ETERNAL STORY)
1987-01-89 Eggerland (FDS) (エッガーランド)
1987-08-17 Air Fortress (NES) (エアー・フォートレス)
1988-01-07 Satsui no Kaisou: Power Soft Satsujin Jiken (FC) (殺意の改装 殺人事件) Arranged Music Data
1988-02-01 Fire Bam (FDS) (ファイヤー バム)
1988-02-01 Jumbo Ozaki's Hole in One Professional (FC) (ジャンボ尾崎のホールインワンプロフェッショナル)
1988-04-14 Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally (FDS) (ファミコングランプリⅡ ホットラリー)
1988-08-09 Eggerland: Meikyuu no Fukkatsu (FC) (エッガーランド 迷宮の復活)
1988-08-20 Eggerland: Journey to the Creation (FDS) (エッガーランド 創造への旅立ち)
1988-12-20 Rollerball (NES) (ローラーボール)
1989-04-?? Adventures of Lolo (NES)
1989-07-28 Shanghai (GB) (上海)
1989-11-17 Gozonji Yajikita Chin Douchuu (FC) (御存知 弥次喜多珍道中) Music Tone
1990-01-06 Adventures of Lolo 2 (NES) (アドベンチャーズ オブ ロロ)
1990-12-26 Adventures of Lolo 3 (NES) (ADVENTURES OF LOLO Ⅱ)
1990-09-07 Uchuu Keibitai SDF (FC) (宇宙 警備隊 SDF) 1990-??-??
1991-02-23 HAL's Hole in One Golf (SNES) (ジャンボ尾崎の ホールインワン) Jingles
1994-09-30 Othello World (GB) (オセロワールド)