Haruyoshi Rokudo

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Haruyoshi Rokudo
Haruyoshi Rokudo - 1.jpg
Local 六土開正 (ろくど はるよし)
Born October 1, 1955 (Age 62)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases H. Rokudo in Anzenchitai, H. Rokudo Menber of Anzenchitai
Website www.universal-music.co.jp/anzen-chitai/

Haruyoshi Rokudo is a Japanese composer who worked for Birthday. He is the bass, piano, and keyboard player of the band Anzen Chitai (Safety Zone).


Released Title Sample
1988/11/18 Kaijuu Monogatari (FC) (貝獣物語)
1989/11/?? To The Earth (NES)
1991/04/01 Juvei Quest (FC)
1991/08/03 Peke and Poko's Dalman Busters (GB) (ペケとポコのダルマンバスターズ)
1992/09/22 Dream Master (FC) (ドリームマスター)
1994/12/22 Daikaijyuu Monogatari (SFC) (大貝獣物語)
1996/08/02 Daikaijyuu Monogatari II (SFC) (大貝獣物語II ~幻大陸シェルドラド~)
1999/05/27 EGG: Elemental Gimmick Gear (DC) (エレメンタルギミックギア)

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