Han Rong Chen

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Han Rong Chen
Han Rong Chen - 1.png
Local 陳漢榮
Birth Place
Nationality Chinese   China.svg
Aliases Andy Chean, Andy Chen, Jack Chen, Chen.

Han Rong Chen (his real name is 陳漢榮 Hàn Róng Chén) worked for Sachen as a programmer, but was occasionally listed for working on sound effects. He may have programmed the sound driver for the games he worked on.


Released Title Sample
1991-??-?? Super Pang (NES) Sound Effect
1992-??-?? Chinese Checkers (SV) Sound Effect
1992-??-?? Popo Team (NES) Sound Effect
1992-??-?? Super Pang 2 (NES) Sound Effect
1993-??-?? Street Heroes (NES) Sound Effect
1993-??-?? A-Force (GB) Sound Effect

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