Hacker International

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Hacker International
Other Names Games Express

Hacker International Co., Ltd. (株式会社ーハッカー・インターナショナル) was a Japanese games publisher founded by Satoru Hagiwara. The company published pornographic video games in Japan. Most of their games that made it outside of Japan were changed to not feature pornographic material.

Though most of their games were not endorsed or licensed by the companies of the console manufacturers, they did manage to get their games licensed for the PC Engine and Playstation.

The company worked with developers from Taiwan such as C&E, Idea-Tek, Sachen, and Joy Van. However, for the companies such as Super Pig and Mimi Pro, some believe these were merely aliases for the company.

Hacker International also had magazine publications, simply titled Hacker.


Audio Personnel

Because Hacker International only served as a game publisher, they had no internal audio staff. Below are the composers who worked for their respective companies.


Joy Van