Go Sato

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Gō Satō
Go Sato - 1.jpg
Local 佐藤 豪 (さとう ごう)
Born February 21
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Gō Satō is a Japanese musician who worked at Seibu Kaihatsu. He is known for composing the music to some of their Raiden games.


Released Title Sample
1995-01-27 The Raiden Project (PS1) (雷電プロジェクト)
1997-04-11 Raiden DX (PS1) (雷電DX)
1998-??-?? Red Hawk (ARC) (スタッガー1) Repeated Tragedy
2008-03-27 Raiden Fighters Aces (X360)
2008-10-02 Raiden IV (X360) (雷電Ⅳ)
2008-10-30 Thunder Force VI (PS2) (サンダーフォースⅥ)
2009-12-23 0 Day Attack on Earth (XBLA)

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