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Freescape Engine
Founded 1987-??-??
Last Release 1992-??-??

Freescape Engine is a 3D game engine developed by Incentive Software and used in several games from 1987 to 1992. The Freescape engine is one of the first fully-3D game engines (released for 8 platforms, no less), although it was quite limited and didn't support shading or textured surfaces.

Since Freespace is a game engine rather than a series, not many composers or songs are shared throughout the various releases.


Driller (aka Space Station Oblivion)

Total Eclipse

Dark Side

Castle Master

Catle Master II: the Crypt

Total Eclipse: The Sphinx Jinxs

3D Konstruction Kit (aka Visual Reality Studio)

3D Konstruction Kit II (aka Visual Reality Studio 2.0)

Notable Songs

  • Driller - Loader from Driller games.
  • Total Eclipse - In-game tune from Total Eclipse and The Sphinx Jinxs games.

Notable Audio Personnel

Notable Companies


  • It's unknown if this game has music.
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