Franz Lanzinger

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Franz Lanzinger
Franz Lanzinger - 1.jpg
Born 1952?
Birth Place Austria
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases FXL

Franz Lanzinger is an American programmer and composer.

Lanzinger first worked at Atari as an engineer, but he also made music for some of their games. He left with David O'Riva in the early 1990s and them founded Bitmasters, which operated until about 1996. In the same year, he founded Actual Entertainment, which changed to Lanzinger Studio in December 2016.

Lanzinger’s best-known works include Crystal Castles, Krazy Kreatures and Gubble.

Audio Development


Lanzinger used RPM.


Released Title Sample Notes
1983-06-?? Crystal Castles (ARC)
1989-12-?? Toobin' (NES)
1990-07-?? Ms. Pac-Man: Tengen (NES)
Arranged Chris Rode's music with David O'Riva
1990-??-?? Krazy Kreatures (NES)

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