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Eye of the Beholder is a series of first-person role-playing video games created by Westwood Studios. The game is both a pun on the term "Eye of the Beholder" and is based on the Dungeons & Dragons monster, a Beholder which is also a pun of the term. There were three games in the series, although Westwood stopped developing them after the second game, and a Game Boy Advance version was released which used the goldbox engine for combat and many other differences.

In the first game, the lords of Waterdeep summon four heroes to investigate an evil lurking beneath the city. When the four adventurers go down to investigate, the way they entered becomes barricaded by rocks. The party investigates deeper and finds many things including a dwarven community and the drow elves, and will eventually encounter Xanathar the Beholder.

In the second game, the four adventurers are lodging at an inn when a note is handed to them, telling them to see Khelben Blackstaff, the archmage of Waterdeep. He tells the adventurers that there is now evil lurking in Temple Darkmoon. He warns the party that his scout Amber never returned. The adventurers will discover many things about the temple, such as the underground structures being built by drow elves. Later, the party comes across the leader of Darkmoon, Dran Draggore, who is a duplicate of Q from the Star Trek series. After the party defeats Dran, they find out that he is really a 300+ year old dragon. Eye of the Beholder II is considered by many to be the best game out of the trilogy.

The third installment of Eye of the Beholder's story takes a nosedive in the wrong direction. The party is in a tavern bragging about their success. All of a sudden, a stranger asks them to investigate Myth Drannor for an artifact held by Acwellan the Lich. The party, not even knowing the stranger, blindly accepts the stranger's offer, only to find out he is the Dark God and wants the artifact for his power. The party starts out in a forest near Myth Drannor. They then come across a mausoleum dedicated to the fallen warriors of Myth Drannor. They later meet the ghost of Captain Fflar who doesn't believe he's actually dead. Later the party follows a trail into a deeper part of the forest and later reaches Myth Drannor, where they must go through the Mages' Guild and Lathander's Temple in order to confront the Dark God (who is one of the easiest bosses in video game history). Due to the game's slow engine (AESOP) and terrible storyline, this game is considered by many to be the worst out of the Eye of the Beholder trilogy.

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon

Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor