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Eurhythm is a group of Japanese musicians who create video game music.

Audio Personnel


Note: This lists all of the games that credit Eurhythm, as well as games that credit composers from the Eurhythm sound team. For specific composer credits, see each person in the Audio Personnel page.

Released Title Sample
1989-11-24 Cosmic Epsilon (FC) (コズミック エプシロン)
1991-02-15 Famicom Shougi Ryuuousen (FC) (ファミコン将棋竜王戦)
1991-03-15 Marble Madness (X68) (マーブル・マッドネス)
1991-05-04 Tetra Star: The Fighter (FC) (テトラ・スター)
1991-11-29 Famicom Igo Nyuumon (FC) (ファミコン囲碁入門)
1994-09-23 Mahjong Sengoku Monogatari (SFC) (麻雀戦国物語)
1995-04-28 Shodankurai Nintei: Shodan Pro Mahjong (SFC) (初段位認定 初段プロ麻雀)
1995-12-15 JB: The Super Bass (SFC) (JB・ザ・スーパー・バス)